Martin smartMAC

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Martin smartMAC

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New to Wolfmix, not new to DMX. I have a series of Marting smartMAC's that ARE supported by a Profile, but when I use them the Pan/Tilt does not seem to work. I have been able to add the profiles and assign them to a group, but no motion. The only way motion is possible is in direct edit of the DMX channel. Perplexing. Is it possible that they are too old to work with this system?
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Re: Martin smartMAC

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Definitely not a question of age!
99,9% of the cases it is a question of the profile to be correct defined so Wolfmix can send the right data to the Moving Heads.
As the smartMac is a bit "special" on Pan/Tilt channels, I would suspect Pan/Tilt Speed channel 11 (12ch mode) or channel 14 (15ch mode).
Try and change from default value 247 to 000 . (go to HOME / SETUP / DMX Values and navigate to your Pan/Tilt Speed channel in your Project, select ch 11 or 14 and use DEFAULT Value encoder to change.
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