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can you get presets from another wolfmix owner

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2023 8:58 pm
by bjarkedj
can i get presets from my buddy who also have a wolf mix ??
like copy his light shows to my wolf mix ??

Re: can you get presets from another wolfmix owner

Posted: Fri Dec 01, 2023 2:36 pm
by AlexR

Yes you can, the presets are stored within the project files so you will need to copy those to your Wolfmix, then you can copy the presets they contain to whatever project you'd like.

- First your buddy needs to backup their projects with WTOOLS (WTOOLS->Projects->Backup Projects).
- Then they go to the 'Project' tab in WTOOLS, right click on the project and click 'export to my computer'.
- Then they can give/ send you the .wpj project files. Once the project is on your computer right click on the file and 'Open with WTOOLS'.
- WOOLS will ask if you want to synchronize this project with your controller - click 'Import and sync'.

You'll now find this project and its corresponding presets on your Wolfmix.

If you want to then copy these presets to a new or different project follow these steps on Wolfmix:

- Open the project that you want to import the Presets to.
- Go to Setup > Projects > Open.
- Turn the second encoder so that it shows 'Presets'.
- Select the project you want to copy the Presets from (i.e. your friend's project).
- Select 'Open' then confirm.

You should now see the Presets list has been populated with all of the Presets from their project!