LED Bar Beams Bug

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LED Bar Beams Bug

Post by Yoshi »

Hello everyone,

I have some "PURElight PixelBar Switch 224 x SMD RGB" bars.

These offer 16 RGB blocks.

Unfortunately, the order is a bit badly positioned:

When the bar is placed vertically, placement proceeds as follows:

Bottom left is block 1, top left is block 8.
Bottom right is block 9 and top right is block 16.

This means that if I numbered the beams from 1-16, the chaser would not look good, for example.

The workaround is to assign Block 1 - Beam 1. Block 2 - Beam 3... etc.

It would be desirable if I could use block 1 and block 9 (bottom left and bottom right) as beam 1.

Unfortunately, I have the bug that if I assign beam 1 to block 1 and block 9, then block 9 on the bottom right is approached and output in 100%.

Can someone tell me why that is?

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Re: LED Bar Beams Bug

Post by axell »

redo the profile and configure from 16 beam to be a 8 beam profile.
Now assign the first 8 RGB segments (1-8) to beams 1-8. And then assign next 8 RGB segments (9-16) again to beams 1-8. You That way you have no "beam 9 -16" any more
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Re: LED Bar Beams Bug

Post by borissimo »

I ran into the same issue and tried tonight for 6 hours any possible combination I could think of, but I couldn't get it to work.
My problem is, if I you link the beams 9-16 to 1-8, the beams on channel 9-16 always get the static value of 127 and won't change. I tried playing around with creating 8 beams in a row, in a column and even if you let them at 16, but after you link them, all rgb channels for the 9-16 segment get the value 127 and won't be changed by the wolfmix. Is this a wolfmix bug or am I doing something wrong? I tried everything I could think of.

Attached you can find a picture where you see that at channel 26 (the first 9 beam red channel), everything just stays at 127.
Attached you can also find the modified 53 channels profile file which I edited like axell suggested. (Here the link to the profile as well:
https://profile.nicolaudiegroup.com/edi ... m2qAKcp1-0

If this is a bug not only affecting me, it should be easy reproducible by loading the fixture onto the wolfmix, enabling a ColorFX and the channels 26 and above should also stay at 127.

@Yoshi: Did you manage to make it work?
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Re: LED Bar Beams Bug

Post by axell »

Sorry, my fault ...you can't have multiple of the same beam numbers assigned in a single profile or they will "block" each other, showing a value of 127 (what you now see).
You have to work with the 16 "blocks ( = 16 beams) and Wolfmix is correctly stepping thru it - no bug. Unfortunately the fixture does not offer a "double 8 block) mode" (2x 1-8) - only THEN you would be able to "parallel" the chase of 1-8 and "9-16".
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