Apply live-edit to all presets

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Apply live-edit to all presets

Post by dhvjoep »

Hi guys!

Since every revenue is different I would like to know if its possible to apply a live edit to all presets. Since live-edits are saved inside a preset you find yourself reactivating a live-edit for each time you ll change your preset.

For example, for a revenue I would like to change the focus of my spot moving heads and apply this adjustment to all presets.

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Re: Apply live-edit to all presets

Post by axell »

For FOCUS you can use

a) POSITION and enter into each of the 10 Position Presets your "adjusted" FOCUS setting. Then you have 10 different Focus settings (PER Fixture Groups!) while you can freely change your Presets without change the Focus.

b) did you notice the FOCUS Rotary encoder in the Live Edit Screen? Here you can select your fixtures with another Focus setting. Simply adjust FOCUS here and leave it activated. These are part of the new feature from firmware version 1.2.0 (Live Edit Macros)
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