New ficture Beamz Blaze 1200

Fixture not working as it should? Post it here and we'll check it out. Be precise with the fixture name as there are many with similar names.
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New ficture Beamz Blaze 1200

Post by DJDerrick » Wed Oct 25, 2023 8:59 pm

Hi , I just bought this smoke machine and I'm having some trouble.
I used the profile which was already present (Blaze series) and it works correct with the smoke output.
The LED output is kindof tricky to get that right
Two questions:
1) I'd like to have light output when I push the smoke button. This means that this button should trigger at least two DMX channels, how do I do that?
2) This machine has 8 DMX channels being 1 for smoke and 2 for the dimmer. When I move the dimmer in the Wolfmix group (rotary button or a fader on my small seperate DMX fader unit), it's not channel 2 (dimmer) which reacts, it's channel 3 and 5?? I can't figure out why?
Smoke DMX channel 1 is assigned to it's own fader through the DMX settings and that works just fine.

Is there someone who has a clue?

Thank you,

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Re: New ficture Beamz Blaze 1200

Post by axell » Thu Oct 26, 2023 12:35 pm

start with question 2:
If you use Group or Main Dimmer rotary encoder on Wolfmix/WMX1 to "dim" - (nearly) ALWAYS the "Color" Dimmers (Ch 3+4+5) are being used - never the "Master" Dimmer (ch2). This is true for 99,8% of situation to be ON (value 255) - only on rare and explicit defined situation THIS Channel is being used to dim.

For the "colored Fog" you need to have a modified profile to match your "desire" to the Automation.
Normally you need to have a profile to split between Fog function and color function. When patching you assign the Color part to any Group (i.e.Group H) and the Fog part to OTHER. Now if you want a "colored Fog" you FIRST have to select a Color in Grp H (lights are On now) and THEN you press SMOKE. After that you switch Off Grp H again. THAT is the official way to do it.

I believe that you want to have a Color WITH the push on ONE single button. Well, since that are different channels and we work with an Automation, we have to "tell" Wolfmix/WMX1 how we want it. Even when having a plain DMX Fader desk, you have to activate at least 2 faders (or more) for 1. Smoke On and 2. Red or 2.Red+3rd Green to have Color with the Fog. THIS can be accomplished by using Live Edit buttons! Create 3 or 4 different Color schemes together with the Smoke activation and at the push of the LIVE EDIT BUTTON (!) you have the Colored Fog you wanted.

Oh, you want it on the SMOKE button instead of the Live Edit. THEN you have to edit the profile and "stamp" into the profile itself ONE (and ONLY ONE Color scheme) into it. When you now press SMOKE button, it fogs with the pre-allocated Color setting. Changes of the colors are "not on the fly" (because it is "hardwired" in the profile now - but work together with the SMOKE button!)

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Re: New ficture Beamz Blaze 1200

Post by DJDerrick » Mon Nov 06, 2023 1:38 pm

ok, thank you. I made some Live edits and that works fine as well.
More convienient is the smoke button itself of course , I 'll try the profile adjustment you mention!

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Re: New ficture Beamz Blaze 1200

Post by Malcolm » Tue Nov 21, 2023 11:58 am

Hi Dirk,

For the smoke button to also activate the light, you need to program a macro or scene on your DMX console that combines the two channels (smoke and light). In most DMX consoles, you can create a macro that activates several channels by pressing a single button. Consult your DMX console manual for specific instructions on creating macros or scenes.

Regarding the problem with the DMX channels, there seems to be some sort of mismatch or misallocation of channels. First check that the DMX profile of the fog machine in your console matches exactly that of the machine manufacturer. Sometimes a mismatch in profiles can lead to this type of problem. If everything looks right in the settings, try resetting your DMX console and smoke machine to the factory settings, then reconfigure them. This can often solve unexpected configuration problems.

If these steps do not solve your problems, it may be worth contacting the technical support of the smoke machine or DMX console manufacturer for more specific assistance.

We hope you find this advice useful.

Best regards,

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