Showtec combi spot one

Fixture not working as it should? Post it here and we'll check it out. Be precise with the fixture name as there are many with similar names.
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Showtec combi spot one

Post by DJANXI » Mon Jul 24, 2023 3:15 pm


I have a question i added 2 showtec combi spot one in 20ch mode

But they doesnt work well the dimmer is not working it stays full light when i dimm to 0%

also it is always white the color doesnt change

moving pan tilt is working fine gobo change also work

What could be the problem pls ?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Showtec combi spot one

Post by axell » Wed Jul 26, 2023 7:24 am

The profile you are using need some editing to work correctly on Wolfmix. The profile was done when Wolfmix was not existing, so the definition in the profile can not match to a later product. For better function you have to edit the profile to reflect the Wolfmix capabilities.
Wolfmix is not a simple DMX fader desk moving sliders up and down, it is an AUTOMATION Controller which has to be told what the fixture can do and how to use the buttons and sliders to do so.

Attached is a working profile for Showtec Combi Spot One:
Mode 1 = 8 Ch - only Macros for Live Edit Presets (no automation)
Mode 2 = 15Ch - SPLIT - when loading you have to confirm SPLIT. You then have "2 sub" fixtures in Wolfmix. Now you can change "fixture 1" to Group A and "Fixture 2" to group B and you have individual control for the SPOT with Color Wheel Colors and the 4 Wash with RGBW Colors.
Mode 3 = 20Ch - SPLIT - same with Mode 2/15Ch but with more (useless micro) Channels = no benefit

I recommend to load Mode 2 and confirm SPLIT and assign the "2 split fixtures" to 2 Groups for individual control
Combi Spot One 2beam.ssl2
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