ADJ Vizi Q Wash7

Fixture not working as it should? Post it here and we'll check it out. Be precise with the fixture name as there are many with similar names.
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ADJ Vizi Q Wash7

Post by festkungen » Tue May 02, 2023 7:31 pm

The colors and dimmer don't work on the Wolfmix. The problem seems to be that the default value for the color macro channel is set to 127 and not 0, overriding the color and dimmer channels. I changed it to 0, then it worked perfectly but it would be great if you could please update the profile in the database.

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Re: ADJ Vizi Q Wash7

Post by paulm12 » Wed May 10, 2023 3:39 am

I had the same issue with my Vizi Hex Wasahes, I set a live edit to have the color set to 0 before I made a new fixture profile for it by copying the default one and making changes for the color channel.

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Re: ADJ Vizi Q Wash7

Post by axell » Thu May 11, 2023 5:51 am

Don't fix "faulty" profiles with Live Edit Presets! Almost every profile has its flaws and would need a fix, so you end up using all your Live Edit Presets slots for fixes, not for function. Then I understand why everybody is asking for more Live Edit Presets
Instead fix the profile and save the Live Edit Preset slot for their original intention - adding fixture FUNCTIONS (not FIXING PROFILES).

check out the attached profile...
The 23 Channel (Extended) Mode has "split" beams you can assign to 2 Groups (A+B) for independent Color control of the Inner and Outer RGBW channels.
Vizi Q Wash7 fix.ssl2
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