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Chauvet Wash FX Hex

Posted: Tue Nov 29, 2022 7:52 pm
by Pellevin
When I use my Chauvet DJ Wash FX Hex I can change colour so wash works.
But when I tro to dim to 0 or use blackout the fixtures gers white static light, like blender. The volour gets blacked out but not the leds as they have full white. I have 11 channel mode
What settings have I missed?

Regards Pelle

Re: Chauvet Wash FX Hex

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2022 12:57 pm
by axell
The "standard" Chauvet Wash FX Hex profile seem to be OK, unless you have modified certain Color settings with Color Picker.

When NO Color is activated (and no ColorFX) all Color channels are on value 000. If you select White, the R,G, B are on 255 (representing white as additive color) AND the White channel also is on 255. When pressing "Blackout" all active Color channels are set to 000 again AND even Dimmer channel is set to 000. There is no color spill possible!

If you are happy with 11-channel profile, use the default Wash FX Hex from WTOOLS. If you are after 40-Channel profile you may have to edit the profile for splitting up for the 6 zones, so each zone/segment can have independent Colors.

Re: Chauvet Wash FX Hex

Posted: Fri Dec 02, 2022 10:14 pm
by Pellevin
Its a new controller, my first use of it, no modification at all.
I tried to add a new washer, this time as 40-channel mode nd then all dim/blackout etc works just as expected, so its only in 11-channel mode.
I will use it in 40-channel mode and reprogram all other fixtures. Will also try my SlimPar ProPix and hopefully the outer LED-ring will work in highest channel mode.

Re: Chauvet Wash FX Hex

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2022 2:51 pm
by axell

all is good, but since you said you are new to this controller, allow me to explain a few things:

The Wolfmix Controller is an "automated device" to "replace" antique large Fader Desks. So in the past you would have 6 Lights with 24 channels each to control you would end up to have a desk with 144 faders (and 5 people to control it). Now the Wolfmix needs to know what Channel is controlling what "function" (Colors, Movements) or what Presets (i.e. Strobe). THIS is defined in a so called "profile" of the fixture (its more a function description file of the fixture for Wolfmix).

Now these profiles do come from the fixture vendors not knowing on what "automated device" you will run it to, so these profiles are on a bare minimum of information, similar to Fader desk usage in ancient days. This now has to be brought up to the Wolfmix interpretation. SOME of these profiles are running "out-of-the-box" without modification (mostly plain RGB or standard Moving Heads). A little more complex fixtures need adjustments to do on the profile so the Wolfmix recognizes the fixture capabilities and controls.

Now when we started this thread with Chauvet Wash FX Hex I verified the available profile and found it to be OK to work with Wolfmix "out-of-the-box". Now you talking about a NEW WASHER. Now this fixture may or may not be ready to work "out-of-the-box" on Wolfmix. Every Fixture the same game: Check the manual, check the profile and eventually edit to best use on Wolfmix. There is "nearly never" a guaranteed "out-ob-the-box" function. They ALL have their "own hickups".

Since you didn't share the exact model name of your new washer, we cannot be of much help for the moment. If you let us know the exact model (and vendor?) we can check the profile and eventually identify areas where it is difficult for Wolfmix to provide the best operation for this fixture

To sum it up: For BOTH of your new additions (40Ch Wash & SlimPar ProPix) you need to have a working profile to get the most out of the fixtures functions, i.e.LED -ring etc. It is NOT the channel Mode selection what makes it work or not! Particular the LED-ring will definitely need special treatment in the profile (beam assignments) in order to work as expected.

Re: Chauvet Wash FX Hex

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2022 3:35 pm
by axell
check out the attached profile for the SlimPAR Pro Pix (SlimPAR Pro Pix fix)
3 Modes:
Mode 1 = 12 Channel Mode - only Wash colors
Mode 2 = 26 Channel Mode - same colors on Wash & Ring
Mode 3 = 48 Channel Mode - provide independent Wash & Ring Color control

When loading 48 Ch mode (Mode 3) you are being asked if you want the fixture to SPLIT, confirm with YES. After that you get 15 entries of the same fixture (Sub/linked). Example: Assign all to group A. Then select only the last row (..Pro Pix-15) to group B.
Group A now controls the center beams
Group B now controls the Ring LEDs

This is a modified profile for better operation on Wolfmix